Meet The Finer Detailer

Andrew Flores is your mobile auto-detailer.

Andrew Flores, detailer and founder of The Finer Detailer, Albury-Wodonga


Hi, I’m Andrew Flores, founder of The Finer Detailer and chief car detailer.

What started as a side hustle is growing into something I never really imagined. It blows my mind how many local people have thrown their support behind The Finer Detailer — a business I’ve fought super hard to get off the ground after reluctantly leaving a career in teaching. I’m incredibly grateful to be creating a new way of life for my young family.


People often ask me, “Why car detailing?” Well, the short answer is, I’ve always been interested in cars and the joy in a client’s eyes when I’ve done a great job — that’s big for me. The longer version is, my dad, who is an engineer by profession, became a car detailer when he emigrated to Australia from the Philippines. It fascinated me as a kid.

All these years later, it’s weird to think things have come full circle. Every path has twists and turns to get to the right destination. Here I am, loving the fact that every day, private and commercial clients trust me to detail their cars, trucks, even aircraft! It’s a blessing to be my own boss, building rapport with clients who believe in The Finer Detailer.